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Committed to the Ethical Breeding of Syrian Hamsters


Who We Are

At the Burrow, we are dedicated to ethical breeding and improving upon the temperament and health of Syrian hamsters. All of our hamsters live in enclosures that provide over 600 square inches of space and are fed a premium diet and supplements. Only hamsters that are suited to our breeding program are bred and must check all the boxes, such as temperament, body type, and health. All of our lines have stemmed from well known ethical breeders in the GTA and beyond. Ethically bred hamsters are an excellent, and much preferred, alternative to using traditional pet stores. Adopting from a breeder helps to decrease demand for unethical breeding practices, which are used to ensure supply for most pet stores.


Only a small number of hamsters are kept here at any given time, meaning we have 3-4 litters per year. No female is ever bred earlier than 4 months of age or later than 1 year, and will only have one-two litters in her lifetime. After that, she will either be retired to an approved home or kept here to be spoiled as a family pet! All of our hamsters are exposed to children and are well socialized and hand tamed.

To learn more about ethical hamster breeding, please visit: www.californiahamsterassociation.com/support-ethical-breeding


Why Choose an Ethical Breeder?

Quality not Quantity...


Each hamster bred by an ethical breeder will have many key differences from a pet store hamster or from any other facility who mass breeds. Each pup will get handled as early as possible (once their eyes are open) to encourage bonding with humans and get them used to being held. Hamsters bred at The Burrow tend to be well tempered and we hope to pass those genes along to their offspring.


An ethical breeder will only breed hamsters who are healthy and have a history of good health. This passes onto the pups, ultimately producing pups that will live healthy, long lives.

Unfortunately, many pet store hamsters will not live as long as they should due to poor breeding and genetic health issues.


What does ethical hamster breeding mean? It means that every hamster at The Burrow is given large enclosures (600 square inches +), highly nutritious diets and supplements, access to vet care when needed, and daily human interaction from 3 weeks onward. It also means our females are only bred between 4 months and 1 year of age, with no more than two litters in her lifetime before she is retired.


Our Breeding Hamsters

Truffle .jpg

Truffle Jr.

Black Tortoiseshell Female - July 6, 2021

A sassy girl from Mr. Saddlebaggs Hamstery! This beautiful ham is one of The Burrow's first breeder hamsters to start our tortoiseshell program!

Tortoiseshell hamsters display various patches of different colours, depending on what sits in their genetics, creating a 'calico' look. Truffle Jr. does not have large patches of colour, rather she is ticked with smaller patches of caramel all over her body with a black base.  Tortoiseshell is a sex linked gene and only displays in female hamsters. 

How to Adopt

Interested in adopting one of our pups? We charge $40 for each pup, which includes transition food, a treat, and a complimentary snuggle sack to help you bond with your new friend! You will also get lifetime breeder support for your new hamster.

To start the adoption process, please click on the button below to submit an application. You will be contacted within 10 business days with any questions and then added to our waitlist. Our current waitlist is about 4 months.


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